Well guess what?Of late I have  had this new obssesion. Like,when u see anyone with ‘it’ I just feel like ripping it of them.This tiny piece of ‘equipment’ 😂😂😂 for lack of better words) can change your whole look🔥🔥🔥.I call it,the EXTRA😏😏😏

This here is straight up baddie, yes?Just the sunglasses makes her look this poppin💥

Then there’s her😍…she inspires me fr.This grungy vibe that you got going on❤.The glasses just add the EXTRA pop we was looking for 🔥

Say yes to sunglasses coz they give you that EXTRA😏

I call it C… 

Soo… I want you people to do excercise. Stand up! You heard me:),get your ass up. All I want is you 😌 

To go in front of a mirror and stare. Look at all that!Dyaaam! You are such a slay 🔥🔥🔥, don’t you think? Confidence is all that matters. That’s the little magic needed in your crazy awesome outfit. 

What you were is personal, true. But who in the world said you can’t add a little bit of this and that? Fashion, for sure is for everybody, but style. Style is just a whole different story. Style makes you redefine what fashion really is.Rihanna never gets it wrong. She looks great in everything. Not just coz she’s bad girl riri💁, no. It’s just coz she knows how to srat that confidence in her. Why don’t you? Make a statement! Be you. Personally, there are 1001 outfits bubbling in my head right now. I’ve been too scared to put them into action. But no more ❌❌❌. No regrets:)… From now on its DRESS TO DEPRESS, look so good that everybody would wanna be you :). Don’t forget that touch of confidence 😁. Kill èm 👅 

………………………..einzigatig, CHOMBA

Clothing line up!


What is fashion really?Do you ask yourself this question often? Do you wonder what fashion is? Well, you have come to the right place.Coz you know what? Fashion is ME 😁.I’ve been trying to hid this for a long time, but  now it’s time y’all knew the truth. I am FASHION ❤❤❤.Jokes, we are here to talk about serious matters e.g.My very own clothing line (clap for me) :)👏.Now I can hang my clothes in peace😂😂😂. 

Enough with the jokes.Well Fashion is an art according to me and you are the one to determine how to go about it.That’s when style comes about. It’s something personal.No one else can understand but you. So feel free to ogle at this beautiful dresses coz that’s what they define ❤💙❤💙

Hello world!

I started out this blog coz I had a vision🙌.Fashionishi is a word that I came up with to mean that person who always gets their fashion right👌, no matter what they do they are fashion unstoppable 😂✋. So please help me out, every friday I want you guys to post a picture of your FASHIONISHI and tag my Instagram page at: -el.chombeez.


So, Fashion has always and will always be my first love❤. I live, breath, dream fashion👌.It all started when I was only 9, Kimora Lee Simmons being my inspiration 😌 through her show(Kimora life in the fab lane).Then I graduated to literally cutting and mending my own clothes 😂.From then on my mother swore never to buy me clothes😱 and she literally meant it. That was when I was only 15.That didn’t even break my heart, I opted to use other means coz my determination was on 💯. I remember seeing people waste their money on junk💁. I’m saying waste coz it obviously ended up in the toilet😊. It also ended up giving them stomach issues coz of over eating or mixing foods.They made me feel a bit jealous but I could stand it coz my money was going to be used for a better course☺☺☺. I made sure every dime I had was used on good clothing😚. This definately made me feel better since people always complimented on my style. Always wanting to know where I buy my clothes or how many pairs of outfits I had. It was always worth the pain 😁. I would always tell my friends that I would rather starve than waste my money on food, isn’t water there? 😂😂😂 Then after I buy my clothes they would keep quiet and feel bad about themselves 😂😂😂 which cheered me up the more🙌. And that is the long long story on style journey. I wanna hear about yours 😊.


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